Duke Nukem Developer Denies $30 Million Offer [Update]

May 19, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras

"Sorry, ladies, I'm all outta dough."

With the recent news surrounding the now-defunct development studio 3D Realms, rumors have been flying left and right about Duke Nukem Forever. One of the loudest rumors – Take-Two offering to buy up the entire IP for $30 million – was recently denied by 3D Realms’ co-founder Scott Miller.

Quite the legal situation has crept up since 3D Realms’ closure. Take-Two is suing what is left of the company for millions of dollars, since they had paid [shal]Infogrames[/shal] $12 million for the publishing rights to the game back in 2000. Yet Miller claims that they “didn’t get a penny of that” money. “This, along with so much else, is 100% spin, being eaten up by those who have no clue whatsoever.”

It sounds like Take-Two should go after Infogrames, assuming 3D Realms is telling the truth. It only makes sense, since the money was directly given to Infogrames, not 3D Realms. Stay tuned on PSLS as we keep you posted on this volatile situation.

Update: 3D Realms has assured us that they have not closed down.