3D Realms is No More – is Duke Nukem Safe?


“It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum…And I’m all outta gum.” Well, not gum, actually, more like money, as 3D Realms, developer of the classic Duke Nukem 3D and practically-vaporware Duke Nukem Forever recently announced they were shutting down due to a lack of funds. What does this mean for the seriously-in-development Duke Nukem Trilogy?

Forever young...
Forever young...

Well, nothing, actually. That series of games (Duke Nukem: Chain Reaction, Duke Nukem: Critical Mass and Duke Nukem: Proving Grounds) for the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS are currently being developed by Frontline Studios and will be published by Deep Silver and Apogee Software LLC. As for Duke Nukem Forever, a spokesperson for Take-Two stated that “Take-Two continues to retain the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever.” Whether or not anything becomes of those publishing rights is yet to be known.

So R.I.P. 3D Realms, and thanks for the many blood-splattering memories.