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Sony Snags IBM Senior Executive, George Bailey

May 20, 2009Written by Draisey


You may not know it at first glance, but [shal]Sony[/shal] has managed to hire the man who single-handedly changed how IBM, and possibly the entire electronics industry, approached product development and synergy. And Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer has big plans for Bailey now that he’s joined the company’s ranks.

Bailey, who held position as a senior executive at IBM, is now Sony’s “chief transformation officer”, and it’s a position that’s been sorely needed ever since [shal]Stringer[/shal] took over the tech giant in mid-2005. Stringer has faced much opposition in his drive to tear down the walls between Sony’s tech divisions, and the recent consolidation of the company into just a handful of divisions is a clear sign of his hard work. But that was the macro revolution.

Now it’s time for the micro revolution in Sony, the creation of products and services that reach across different markets and innovate how we live. The lectures that Bailey made during his tenure at IBM encouraged others to do exactly this, and he managed to make a positive influence on his peers. This is the second time that Bailey will have the power to dictate the philosophy of a company. He once stated in a May 2007 IBM podcast:

“In the past, Japanese companies in this electronics industry have shown tremendous ability for incremental change. But what’s needed now is something very different… We need a way to create massive change on a very large scale.”

The staff at PSLS wishes him the best of luck in his ventures, and is excited to see what Bailey has in store for us and the industry.