PlayStation Home Over 6.5 Million Served

May 31, 2009Written by Kishen Patel


In a recent interview of Peter Edward, the director of the PlayStation Home Platform Group, with, Edward discusses and answers questions pertaining to what people are doing in Home, microtransactions, and the overall launch of the Home open beta.

One very intriguing tidbit was that, since the open beta launched in December of 2008, the Home client has been downloaded onto over 6.5 million PS3’s worldwide. Peter Edward also went on and stated that a good amount of Home users actively logging back in.

With new game spaces, features, and even live press conferences coming and taking place in PlayStation Home, we honestly are not surprised. As new features and addons continue to be added to the platform, Home will continue to grow and will undoubtedly compete with the online offerings of the other consoles.