Modern Warfare 2 Vows Authenticity Over Realism


In a recent interview, Vince Zampella, studio head of Infinity Ward, spoke in detail regarding Modern Warfare 2, and about his studio’s commitment to Modern Warfare 2, and keeping it as authentic as possible.

Talking to the Official Playstation Magazine, Zampella talks about how Infinity Ward is trying to make the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2 as authentic as possible, not necessarily worrying about realism.

“We go for authenticity not realism… We’re not making a sim, we’re making entertainment. We want it to look real like an action movie.”

Zampella then goes on to talk about how futuristic weapons wouldn’t ruin a game’s authenticity.

“You see a guy in an action movie, what he does is a little over the top. It makes for a great movie.”