PSP Candy Review – Cherry & Blue Raspberry

The PSP Sours have been highly anticipated ever since their unveiling back in March, with many sites allowing pre-orders for the coveted candies. But online retailers aren’t the only answer, nor the cheapest one.

Though sites like Urban Collectors are selling 12 packs for $31.99 and Toywiz are selling individual tins for $3.99, my local Toys ‘R Us had the PSP Sours available for just two dollars each. The PSP Sours come in two awesome flavors, Blue Raspberry and Cherry, and resemble Altoids stamped with the PlayStation symbols.

The tin casings are very sturdy, and look practically identical to the PSP-3000, albeit smaller and lighter. And the colors of the XMB background appropriately match the flavor you choose. The PlayStation tablets are very smooth, and have a crunchy texture that quickly dissolves in your mouth. And although both taste great, I have to hand the advantage to the Cherry flavor. It’s bolder, and has more of a bite to it.

This product should be available in other stores as well, and is a great way for Sony to advertise the PlayStation Portable. They did a great job with the first two flavors, and we hope they decide to release more (preferably strawberry and grape).

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Physically accurate PSP tin.

Clever use of the PlayStation symbols.

Crunchy, smooth, and perfectly flavored.

5 out of 5