Guitar Hero May Get DJ Hero Treatment

dj-hero-screenWith DJ Hero coming later this year with confirmed guitar peripheral support, Neversoft came out to elaborate further on the peripheral support for each game. And the director of Guitar Hero, Brian Bright, revealed interest in giving Guitar Hero 5 a similar treatment.

Guitar Hero 5 is scheduled to release before DJ Hero, and Bright acknowledges that there will definitely be some difficulty in implementing compatibility for the peripheral.

“Unfortunately for Guitar Hero 5, we ship a few months before they do. [But] we’d love to explore instrument compatibility in the future; we’ll see where it goes.”

With the director of the franchise interested in turntable support for Guitar Hero 5, it seems more likely that it will be added on in the future. Don’t expect a repeat of the Rock Band/Guitar Hero peripheral compatibility snafoo, especially since the same publisher is behind both Hero titles.