Activision Threatens to Drop Support for Sony Platforms [Update]


Bobby Kotick of Activision has threatened that if Sony does not drop the price of the PS3, that they will drop support for all Sony platforms.

This news comes courtesy of Times Online. Kotick had this to say on the matter of the PS3.

“I’m getting concerned about Sony; the PlayStation 3 is losing a bit of momentum and they don’t make it easy for me to support the platform. It’s expensive to develop for the console, and the Wii and the Xbox are just selling better. Games generate a better return on invested capital on the Xbox than on the PlayStation”

Kotick then went on about the price of the PS3, and how they need to lower it.

“They have to cut the price, because if they don’t, the attach rates [the number of games each console owner buys] are likely to slow. If we are being realistic, we might have to stop supporting Sony. When we look at 2010 and 2011, we might want to consider if we support the console — and the PSP [portable] too.”

Unfortunately for Sony, losing a publisher as big as Activison would be a huge loss for the company. Remember, Activision holds such key franchises as Guitar Hero and Call of Duty. Guitar Hero alone grossed more than $1 billion dollars last year.

What do you think on this matter? Post your thoughts and feelings below.

Update: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has responded to Activision’s threat:

“We respect our third-parties’ opinions and their right to express those opinions but we will not be commenting on this story.”

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