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Who Will Pay for the Watchmen?


Speaking at the Nordic Games Conference, Soren Lund, director of the two Watchmen downloadable episodes, recently expressed his concern over Warner Brother’s overpricing of the initial episode. Lund believes the $20 price tag was too steep for gamers.

However, Lund believes that the overpricing was due to inexperience on Warner Brothers part.

“[They] didn’t have any previous knowledge as to what would be the right price point.

“I think it’s a shame that Warner priced it at $20. It should’ve been max $15; ideally $10.”

Lund concedes that he hopes part 2, which is considerably smaller than the first, comes in around $10.

“We have maybe a little over half the size of [the first] game, so I would expect them to put it out at about half price. But then you could argue whether two hours for $10 isn’t too much also.”

Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2 is set to hit the PSN sometime next month. A blu-ray retail release is scheduled for next month as well, and both episodes will be packaged with the extended version of the movie.