Trine on XBLA is “Just Speculation”


Earlier this June, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Atlus supposedly announced that they would be publishing Trine on Xbox Live Arcade. That doesn’t seem to be the case however, as Trine developer Frozenbyte, has come out and addressed this.

fb_joel, of Frostbyte, came out on the forums and revealed that the XBLA version and features with it were pure speculation.

“The XBLA version and its features is just speculation at this point. I can say that in all honesty, as developers, we would love as many people as possible to be able to play our games and therefore I hope Trine will eventually find its way to XBLA too. We are not really looking to take sides in the console wars, we just want people to play our games – obviously more platforms means more money but it also means that everybody could play the game on their favorite console.”

He finishes with this:

“That said, the fact is that the PSN and PC versions will be released a lot earlier than any possible other versions, and the PSN and PC versions are what we are focusing on right now.”

Then, another member of Frostbyte, known as FB_Lauri, came out and confirmed that Atlus will not be publishing the XBLA version. She stated that this story was made up, with Atlus being contacted and confirming it was fake.