Trine 3 Developer Responds to Feedback, Series Is “Completely on Hold”

With Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power released earlier this month on PC, developer Frozenbyte was expected to begin work on console versions of the game. Unfortunately, due to the negative reception, Vice President Joel Kinnunen said earlier this week that “the future of the series is now in question.”

In a new video released today, Marketing Manager Kai Tuovinen and Kinnunen responded to the negative feedback of Trine 3, with Tuovinen saying:

In hindsight, I think our biggest mistake was that we did not let you all know that we had plans about splitting the game story into different parts, or that this would be a shorter game than, for example, previous games in the Trine series.

He adds that they’re unsure how – or if – they’ll be able to deliver additional story content that they had planned to release post-launch.

Beginning at the 5:50 mark, Tuovinen says their plans for the continuation of the Trine series are “completely on hold at this point. At this point it just doesn’t make any sense.” He adds that you shouldn’t blame the game or development team for the shortness, but rather the marketing team.

Check out the whole video to see the developers explain more about the development process of Trine 3.

When asked by The Games Cabin about the possibility of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, they said there’s still a chance something might happen down the road, but nothing’s certain at this moment.

[Source: Frozenbyte (YouTube), The Games Cabin]