Uncharted 2 Pushes for “Seamless Cinematic Experience”


Uncharted: Drake’s Fortunewas praised for its fantastic gameplay, but more than once, was shot down for its ‘short length’ of 8 to 10 hours. When asked if Uncharted 2: Among Thieves would carry a longer story than the first, Evan Wells gave a surprising response.

“The single player campaign is definitely going to be longer than Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. We have over 90 minutes of cinematics alone! And of course we have the competitve and co-op multiplayer modes too!”

Evan Wells continued with this:

“For me, it’s the overall cinematic presentation and the quality of storytelling we’ve been able to achieve. It’s really a tribute to everyone’s efforts, because all elements of the game have to come together to create a really seamless cinematic experience. We’re always striving to push the envelope and break new ground in cinematic storytelling, so it’s been really gratifying to see how excited people are about this aspect of the game.”

Metal Gear Solid 4, unfortunately, was attacked by the populace for having way too many cutscenes (for some strange reason), but we doubt they’ll have anything to fear from Uncharted 2. After all, the ending of MGS4 is still longer than all of Uncharted 2’s cutscenes combined. We should be fine, especially since Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will have so many incredible gameplay moments.

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