Ico Creator Loves and Hates Technical Limitations


Fumito Ueda, creator of such legendary games as Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and the upcoming The Last Guardian, recently talked about his love and hate for a console’s technical limitations.

“I both hate and love the technical limitations. If we don’t have any limit to work from, it becomes hard to make anything good out of an idea. But if we on the other hand have a very distinct technical limit it’s impossible to go beyond it. It will put the bar in a certain place without any way to raise it.”

Ueda then went on to talk about how he and his team can create “aesthetic profile” to the game, so the player concentrates less on the technical downfalls, and more on the environment and the experience.

“It’s thanks to that my games have a very special aesthetic profile. It’s a way to make the player forget about technical limitations and focus on the gaming experience.

If a player sees a beautiful landscape or pretty light effects that’s probably what he will remember and not the bad texture next to it.”

If Ueda was exposed to a console without any technical limitations, would the quality of his games be heightened, or held back? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.