EA: Battlefield 1943 Servers Being Added “Around the Clock”


Releasing today on the PSN Store is the highly anticipated Battlefield 1943, the newest creation from hailed developer DICE. However, EA and DICE may have underestimated the mass amount of anticipation surrounding their title.

When the Xbox 360 version released yesterday, many players were unable to play online. This was due to the sheer amount of players trying to log on. Don’t fret though, PS3 owners, as EA and DICE are working “around the clock” to add more servers so that your experience is more enjoyable.

“We have full support of EA to add as many servers as takes and then some so that everyone can play. This work has already started and servers will be added around the clock with teams working to cover this 24 hours a day so not a moment is wasted. You will be able to play this game and play it lag free!”

Battlefield 1943 is releasing today for the low price of $15.