Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Has No Equal [Update]


Just when you thought collector editions of your favorite games couldn’t get any more ridiculous or awesome, Infinity Ward has officially redefined what it means to be hardcore. Though a Hardened Edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been shown as well, the Prestige Edition contains a multitude of items that make both the Normal and Hardened editions look pretty much worthless.

The most notable element of this extravagant product are the night vision goggles, which are fully functional. It’s the first time (at least as far as we can tell) where a collector’s item actually had real world value, assuming the people that buy it carry out night time missions every once in a while. Infinity Ward was kind enough to include “Soap” MacTavish’s head as a stand for the goggles whenever they’re not in use.

The Prestige Edition also contains the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 2, which includes The Artwork of MW2 and a metal tin, the Modern Warfare 2 game itself, and a token to download a free copy of the original Call of Duty game off either PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. Check out Robert Bowling’s official unveiling video down below, and let us know how much you think the Prestige Edition will cost.


“A to some of your Q’s – Prestige Edition suggested retail is $149 & yes, the COD Classic on XBLA & PSN does have full MP.”

“The token to download the original Call of Duty on XBLA or PSN will be in the Hardened & Prestige Editions. Hardened is $80.”


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