PSN Review – Battlefield 1943


The last mode of transportation is what you will usually be using to get from the ship in the ocean to the actual battle lines. These are big transportation boats that come equipped with two machine gun turrets in the back. Although you won’t be spending too much time on the boats, they do act as a quick form of transportation.

The visuals and graphics for this game are simply amazing. From the landscape to the character models, the visuals are quite stunning and very realistic. The sound design is also quite impressive, from the gunfire to the sirens, you simply cannot get closer to the WWII battlefield experience without actually being there.


Although this is an excellent game, a few things do hold it back. There are only three maps included with the game, and though they are fun they do get repetitive fairly quickly. It also exposes another problem with the game, which is map rotation. There’s also no way to view your stats, or compare your stats to other players. There is an option to view stats and awards, but for some reason only awards pop up. Not a huge issue, but it’s still a very strange omission.

Overall, Battlefield 1943 is loads of fun, and the visuals and graphics are top notch. Any FPS fan would be foolish to pass this game up, especially with a price tag of just $15.  The small number of maps is the biggest concern at the moment, but EA and DICE most likely have more maps in store for this excellent game.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Top-notch graphics and sound design.

Intense combat to be had on both the ground and in the air.

Three maps is a bit on the small side, but what’s there is very fun.

9 out of 10