WipEout Begins the Fury Next Week


Zico Liu, programmer on WipEout HD, was kind enough to drop by the European PlayStation Blog today. He also brought a very nice gesture, revealing the release date and price for the latest WipEout HD expansion, Fury.

During the regular PlayStation Store update July 23rd, gamers with WipEout HD will be able to download the newest expansion for the downloadable title for $10. The pack will also be coming out on the same date in Europe, at £7.99.

The latest expansion pack for WipEout HD packs a slew of new content, including tracks, game modes, and ships. It was also come packed with a redesigned menu system, and a new campaign for you to play through.

Before the new expansion, however, a new update for the title will be coming July 21st. This update will bring a brand new statistics section, redesigned track and ship select screens, and new community/online features.

A quick note, remember that WipEout HD is currently on sale for the nice price of $14.99. You can check out all the details on the PSN Summer Sale, right here on PSLS.