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PSN Video Store Boasts Impressive Numbers


It has been almost a full year since the PSN Video Store has been released, and a lot of things have changed. The amount of content has increased exponentially since launch, there’s greater support for HD movie rentals and purchases, and the statistics and figures regarding the PSN Video Store’s first year are very impressive.

Users have downloaded over 500 million pieces of content from the PlayStation Store, including game content and video services. When the Video Store first launched, immediately following Sony’s E3 conference last year, the store only had 300 movies and 1,200 TV shows. Now, the store boasts over 2,000 movies and 10,200 TV shows, from over 38 content providers. Recent estimations state that around 35% of the Video Store content is in HD.

Eric Lempel, director of operations for the PlayStation Network commented, saying that although having Sony Pictures as an initial partner was good, but other content providers, “had to be convinced that it was a good place to be and that their content was safe and secure. There were lots of discussions, a lot of roadshows, a lot of technical and business evaluations.”

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