Uncharted 2 Release Date & Pre-Order Details


Today, Sony revealed the release date for the highly anticipated title Uncharted 2, as well as pre-order details. Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen, as Uncharted 2 is set to release on October 13th, 2009. This release date will help set the game’s release apart from the other top titles this fall such as Modern Warfare 2.

Sony has also revealed the box art for the game, which features Drake hanging from a ledge with only one arm. This should help convey to new players of the series that Uncharted 2 is an action-packed platforming title, and the gun falling beneath him emphasizes the shooter elements. Among the things revealed by Sony, the pre-order details were finally confirmed.


According to, Amazon, GameStop, Game Crazy and Best Buy will all be supplying exclusive pre-order content. Depending on which store you pre-order from, you will receive a code to unlock exclusive content for Uncharted 2. The exclusive content is as follows:

Amazon – Uncharted 2 Treasure Map

  • The exclusive Uncharted 2 Treasure Map allows players to discover hidden treasures throughout the game. This will aid the player in finding the many hidden treasures scattered throughout the single-player campaign.

Best Buy – Golden Weapons

  • Exclusive golden weapons including the golden Beretta which can also be dual-wielded, and the golden AK-47. All golden weapons are able to be used in multi-player, and allow you to show-off your exclusive weapons online.

Game Crazy – Currency Multiplier for Multiplayer

  • The Uncharted 2 Currency Multiplier allows gamers to gain in-game currency and unlock bonuses faster than their opponents for a limited period.

GameStop – Early Multi-Player Beta access and Revenge Attribute

  • GameStop pre-orders will be the first to play in the upcoming Multiplayer Beta. The Revenge Attribute is one of the last boosters that you can unlock in the multiplayer campaign. This bonus allows you to unlock the “Revenge” booster right from the start of the multiplayer campaign.
  • The exclusive GameStop access will allow individuals who pre-ordered to play from September 9th to September 29th, effectively giving those who pre-order from GameStop an extra 3-weeks to play. The open multiplayer open beta will begin on September 30th and will run until the release of the full game.