PS3 Review – Killzone 2: Napalm & Cordite Map Pack


The downloadable map pack for Killzone 2, entitled “Napalm & Cordite”, is the latest DLC to come from Guerrilla Games since the release of the title in February. This new pack adds what we’ve expected from Guerrilla Games now, two new maps and eight new trophies.

As said, the DLC comes with two maps, Arctower Landing and Suljeva Cliffside. Arctower is a great, fun little map. What surprises is that you would expect with the two new overpowered weapons included (the Boltgun and Flamethrower), that a lot of cheap moves would be thrown around. However, this isn’t the case. In playing a game on the Arctower map, I was only killed by the Boltgun once in half an hour. You would think when a very powerful weapon is thrown into a map, a lot of frustration would be added to the mix. Surprisingly, it’s not.

That doesn’t mean the map is perfect, unfortunately. The map is very tight, so you’ll have many players just using the shotgun, or any other powerful weapon. It’s also only fun to play on for short periods of time, unlike some other maps in the game. Other than that, this map is pretty much perfect. The lighting is great on this map, so you can actually see players for once.


Suljeva Cliffside is the second map to come with Napalm & Cordite, and is definitely the better of the two. This map is larger than the other, and the Flamethrower is the better weapon between that and the Boltgun. The map also has a great layout, with nice cliffs to hide, and multiple levels for sniping. Just like the Boltgun, the Flamethrower is not overused at all in this map. You would expect players to just run for the powerful weapons, as said before, but this isn’t really the case.

As with the first map, the map doesn’t come without it’s flaws. Suljeva Cliffside does not come with a lot of cover for you and your teammates. The map is mostly open, though there is some cover, behind the looming rock structures that tower over you.

Overall, Killzone 2: Napalm & Cordite is better then “Steel & Titanium”, however not as good as “Flash & Thunder” (which you can also expect a review soon). The maps both feature different styles to them, and are incredibly fun to play on, with both having their flaws. This map pack is definitely a must-have for the Killzone 2 fans, and you can even pick it up on the PSN Store now bundled with the other packs. Next time around, it would be nice to see Guerrilla Games include new maps, instead of grabbing environments from the single-player and plopping them into multiplayer.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Both maps feature great new weapons, and environments

The maps are from the single-player campaign, which is disappointing.

The maps have flaws, but are overall a great addition to the Killzone 2 map-packs.

8 out of 10