Naughty Dog Shoots Down Uncharted 2 Installation Rumor


Mandatory installs are one of the things PS3 owners like to nitpick, and rightly so. While some games do so sparingly and with great results, others eat up as much hard drive space as possible without any noticeable improvements in loading times. And while quite a few PS3 game rely on mandatory installs, one big title will not.

Despite an unfounded rumor posted by another site earlier today, that Uncharted 2 will recieve a mandatory install, Naughty Dog swiftly reacted to confirm that this rumor was completely false.

“@HotGamerxXx @GamingChannel @n4g and anyone else. We can confirm there is NO mandatory installation for #UNCHARTED2”

It seems like players will not have to wait the typical two to five minutes for a mandatory install that takes up a fair amount of HDD storage, and the interwebs can calm down for a bit. Are you happy about this piece of info, or do you actually prefer games with mandatory installs?

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