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Square Enix Continues Secrecy with Mysterious Countdown

August 1, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Square Enix has continued it’s countdown ritual, this time for a mysterious unknown title. Not much is known at this time, though gamers have already got into it’s countdown code.

The countdown starts down from VII Days, and goes on from there. Currently (as this is being written), there is an hour and a half left until VI Days. Why it started at seven days is beyond anyone else, though many have already started the hype train for something related to Final Fantasy VII.

And with a countdown, always come a person eager enough to crack into it. Thanks to user rykomatsu from the PSU Forums, new images from the countdown have been unveiled.

This image comes on the V (fifth) Day.

This image appears when five days are remaining.

This image appears on the IV (fourth) Day.

This image appears when four days are remaining.

Stay with PlayStation LifeStyle as we’ll announce what the countdown reveals.