Fat Princess Pushes Out Hefty Strategy Guide


Are you tired of always losing at Fat Princess? Getting angry dying in the lava at Hot Sauce? Well Titan Studios has the solution for you! The developer of Fat Princess has released helpful/humorous strategy guides to help gamers overcome the challenges in the game.

A Newcomer’s Guide to Being an Effective Hero

Stay Out of the Grinder

Most maps have choke points where massive, bloody, chaos ensues. These meat grinders eat up your team’s resources and never yield any progress towards your ultimate goals (unless you’re playing deathmatch). Instead of throwing yourselves to the wolves, next time you respawn, check your mini-map first by pressing “Select.” The mini-map will show you the road less traveled and help you to time your attacks. Knowledge is power. Yes, we’re mixing metaphors and over using clichés. It’s our strategy guide, we can do that here.

Bouncing off the Walls?

Instead of bouncing off the castle doors and walls all day, consider this: on every level there are multiple ways into the enemy castle to reach your princess. If one is contested, try another. In addition to the obvious catapults – build ladders, look for high-roads and more. Did you notice the cracks in the walls of the Great Gorge castle? Have you found out how to control the lava platforms in Hot Sauce?

We Must Hang Together, or We Shall Surely Hang Apart

Bucket Brigade!

Don’t just launch from the catapult by your lonesome. You’ll be easy fodder for those on the other end. Get in the bucket, press up on the D-Pad to call for help and wait until you have 2 or 3 or 6 teammates. Arm yourselves with with bombs, potions and charged weapons before you launch. Dropping 5 players onto the enemy castle is 10x more potent than going it alone. Don’t forget to use aftertouch to help direct your landing.

Class Warfare

OMGWTF? I’m Invincible!

Have you ever seen a player with a glowing white aura around them? This is the Holy Shield, which absorbs any amount of damage from a single attack. You can create a Holy Shield by using a Priest to heal your teammates to above 100% health for a few seconds. The Holy Shield can be used in many different ways to make your attacks more devastating and effective! Any ideas? BooOOoOM!

Long Jump

The Advanced Warrior’s charge attack can be used to travel through the environment quickly and cross deadly gaps in a single bound. You can use this strategy to fly across the lava flows in Hot Sauce and pounce on unsuspecting enemies. Black Forest? …?

Freezing Your Bits Off

Ice Mages freezing you in your tracks? Annoying. Try tapping the attack button while frozen to break out of the ice much more quickly. Your chums have a way to break you out of the ice as well…

Hopefully, that helped some of you gamers out in the many challenges you will face in Fat Princess. And that’s not all though, as Titan Studios promises to keep updating the strategy guide periodically. Aren’t they just great?