FF XIV Players to Get PS3 Hardware Perk

August 27, 2009Written by Cameron Teague


Since its announcement at E3 2009, details have been slowly pouring out about Final Fantasy XIV, the 2nd console MMO from RPG Giant Square Enix.  At this year’s GamesCom in Germany, even more information on this game has started to surface.  In an interview done by One Last Continue,  Producers Hiromichi Tanaka and Sage Sundi responded with this information regarding Square Enix’s upcoming MMO title.

“When asked about cross-platform interactivity for players, Sage Sundi addressed the question in depth, informing us that not only will the user-base be able to interact with each other across the differing platforms, but also he confirmed that they are indeed aiming for cross-region gameplay meaning truly worldwide servers, unlike its main rival World of Warcraft, which splits the user-base into three distinct regions across the United States, Europe and China.”

“Another thing to note is that the PS3 version also supports a keyboard and mouse.”

With keyboard & mouse support, cross platform connectivity and a unique twist on leveling, Final Fantasy XIV is shaping up to be a great addition to the PS3 Library.