Bizarre Uncharted 2 Beta Bonus Feeds Gamer’s Addiction

September 16, 2009Written by Sebastian Moss


Special beta codes and demo codes are all the rage these days on PlayStation 3. It’s great to see the Sony is allowing people a larger view behind the curtain of game development. This allows for them to get better feedback and it allows the gamers to get the gift of playing the game early.  Recently Sony has upped the ante for the latest Uncharted 2 beta and have included an additional gift.

In a rather peculiar marketing move, SCEE has decided to offer Uncharted 2 beta testers an extra bonus, 12 free cans of Red Bull energy drink. The offer, is only open to UK residents at a first come first serve basis for 1000 Packs. To claim your drinks go to the competition page, enter your address, name, PSN account name and beta code. Packs will be delivered to successful entrants via courier within 10 days of their form being received by the Promoter.

Uncharted: Red Bull Adventure