Prison Break: The Conspiracy Release Date Escapes

September 24, 2009Written by Sebastian Moss

Prison Break

Prison Break, the drama  packed television series that revolves around two prison bound brothers, has been known to have an upcoming game for quite a while. However, recent economic turbulence caused the original developer, Brash Entertainment, to shut down. Fortunately the game found a new home with publisher Kosh Media who will now bring out the game.

The protagonist of “Prison Break: The Conspiracy” is Company Agent Tom Paxton. He is sent to the Fox River State Penitentiary to investigate why Michael Scofield (the hero of the TV series), a man without a previous criminal record or sufficient motive, became a bank robber. The storyline runs parallel to the first season of “Prison Break”: Paxton encounters several characters from the series and experiences key events from his own viewpoint.

Koch Media has announced that Prison Break: The Conspiracy will be released for PS3, PC and Xbox 360 on March 26th 2010 in Europe, with no date currently given for the US.