.deTuned into PSN this October

detuned 3

.deTuned has long been rumored to be on the horizon for a couple of weeks now but has always seemed to evade that Thursday release date.  Well it looks like we may have found a release window thanks to Pulse, a free look at whats new and upcoming for the PSN.

In the Pulse weekly video, host Christina Lee mentions a bit about .deTuned and how in the game you are able to manipulate music on your HDD into a dynamic work of art using the sixaxis controls.  She ends the segment by saying the following,

Expect .deTuned to be among the top downloads during October

While this is not official, it is still good news for those people looking forward to the odd title. The game is being developed by .theprodukkt for the PSN.  Hopefully this game makes the October window, so as always stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for all your PS3 news.