SkyTV Floating Onto PS3

sky-logoSkyTV just recently launched exclusive to the Xbox 360 but it seems like the exclusivity might be short lived as recent documents point towards other systems, specifically the PS3.

According to PaidContent and C21 Media, Sky released a 277 page public document and forgot to edit out the following footnote.

“The deal to provide Sky’s channels on the PS3 platform has not yet been made public and is confidential to Sky.”

The document has since been edited by Sky and the line has been taken out.  Though there are plenty of other lines in the document that suggest that Sky TV could be jumping to other platforms.  The document can be viewed here.

“The channels will also soon be available via [CONFIDENTIAL] the Xbox360 [CONFIDENTIAL] via the internet.”

“They are also likely shortly to become available via the [CONFIDENTIAL] Xbox 360 platform [CONFIDENTIAL].”

The service may never hit the PS3, though its looking more and more like it will go the route of Netflix and eventually make its way to the PS3.  As always stay connected to PlayStation LifeStyle for all your PS3 news.