Battlefield Bad Company 2 Gets Good Company from BestBuy


Earlier this week it was announced that PlayStation 3 and PC owners are going to receive an exclusive Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta later this month. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was announced at E3 2009 and received some great reception due to its jaw dropping debut trailer. Since then, very little information has been released regarding the game, but this announcement of the upcoming beta as well as a new gameplay video has filled many first-person shooter fans with excitement.

It seems that access to the beta will be easier to obtain than many consumers have speculated. is giving out free codes to all people who enter their e-mail address into the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 page on the site. According to the instructions, the code will be e-mailed to all registrars, and once input will give them access to the PlayStation 3 closed beta on November 19th.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is slated to release on March 2nd, 2010. Head over to and receive your code now!