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Machinima Inside Gaming Awards 2009—The PlayStation LifeStyle Verdict

inside-gaming-awards-2009’s video game awards, the Inside Gaming Awards, for 2009 have officially opened up for voting. To help commemorate the nominees of each category, the popular online gaming entertainment network hooked up with leading journalists and industry insiders for their takes on the ballots. So for the Gaming LifeStyle take, held an interview with our own Editor-In-Chief, Anthony Severino!

PlayStation LifeStyle Editor-in-Chief

PlayStation LifeStyle Editor-in-Chief

Anthony (and his extremely heavy Boston accent) were asked to give their insight on the best downloadable game of 2009 and answer which title this year had the best replayability. Here are the nominees that he weighed in on:

Best Replayability

1. Borderlands (2K Games, Gearbox Software)

2. Fat Princess (Sony, Titan Studios)

3. Left 4 Dead 2 (Valve, distributed by EA)

4. Modern Warfare 2 (Activision, Infinity Ward)

5. Street Fighter IV (Capcom)

Best Downloadable Game (games only available digitally for purchase or free download)

1. Battlefield 1943 (EA, DICE)

2. Fat Princess (Sony, Titan Studios)

3. Flower (Sony, thatgamecompany)

4. Plants vs. Zombies (PopCap)

5. Shadow Complex (Chair Entertainment, Microsoft)

Want to know what his thoughts were on each title and what the final verdict was? Find out in the video below!


Now that you know our thoughts on these two categories, tell us your picks! Be sure to check out the other nominations including best trailer, multiplayer, narrative, cinematography, and more plus the game of the year nominees at and vote for your choices.