Sony Unveils SingStar Viewer


Sony have revealed a new SingStar Viewer application that lets anyone browse the SingStore and MySingStarOnline community as well as purchase from SingStore and many others, all without needing to have a SingStar disc inserted in your PS3.Anyone with a PSN account will be able to download the new SingStar Viewer for free from the PlayStation Store and start exploring the world of SingStar.

The PlayStation EU blog says:

With SingStar Viewer, you can browse and purchase from SingStore, and watch, rate and review uploaded video clips, photos and profiles in the MySingStarOnline community

Anyone with a PSN account will be able to download SingStar Viewer for FREE from PlayStation Store and see what’s going on in the SingStar community and SingStore. Once downloaded, SingStar Viewer will sit on your XMB under the Games category, so you can instantly jump into the online community whenever you want.

If you’re new to SingStar on PS3, then you can browse the SingStore and view community videos etc. (just not rate / review them). So if you’ve never tried SingStar before on PS3, you can take a look and see what all the fuss is about!

Head over to the PlayStation EU blog for a video to see the new application in action.