Medal of Honor May Hit the PS3 Earlier than Release

December 29, 2009Written by Kyle P.

The Medal of Honor series has long used the WWII setting as its basis for the environment and story behind the games. However, the newest Medal of Honor game, is ditching WWII and going modern. No doubt trying to try the same formula that catapulted Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 to superstar status. In a recent interview, an executive producer behind the game hinted towards an exciting stage EA may try in the development process.

When asked about the possibility of a multiplayer beta, executive producer Greg Goodrich said the following:

We’ve not decided on any specifics yet. But it would certainly make sense for us to repeat the things that have worked in the past.

While this is not a definitive announcement, it certainly gets us here at PlayStation LifeStyle excited. Sure, the Medal of Honor series has not been up-to-par as of late, but the early games were some of the best shooters on the PS2, and for a good time, surpassed any Call of Duty game that came its way.