Massive Pre-Order Incentive for MAG

Zipper Interactive‘s uber-ambitious 256-player “Massive Action Game”, or MAG as it’s officially named is set to hit the PlayStation 3 January 26th. If you have played the beta then you know the massive multiplayer madness the game serves up. MAG is pegged to start Sony’s 2010 line-up off with quite a bang. To ensure you get to start off the year with a bang as well, we’ve found pre-order incentives that will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Along with the almost standard discount on new games (about $3 off the retail price), you also get the Amazon exclusive S.V.E.R. Home Space for pre-ordering MAG early. If that isn’t a big enough pre-order incentive, Amazon is offering a ‘massive’ credit toward your next video game purchase. Anyone who pre-orders MAG gets a $10 credit toward the next video game purchase.

MAG has a Jan. 26th release date, head on over to Amazon now and take advantage of these pre-order incentives.