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Namco Bandai Wants You To Survive Their Assault

...Not NEXT but Assault Survive...

Namco Bandai publishes a lot of Gundam games. There are already three titles for the PlayStation 3 (with one in development), and eight for the PlayStation Portable. That’s soon going to be nine for the PSP if recent listings are to be believed.

A listing on was up for a brief time, with the title of Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam Assault Survive, although the listing appears to have been pulled. A search in the Japanese trademark database will uncover the above, a listing by Namco Bandai for “Assault Survive.” The listing on Amazon’s site had a release date of March 18th, but with a PSP Gundam game having just been released, we will see when this game, should it exist, actually releases.