Headshots & Friendly Fire: New Year’s Edition

Congratulations, everybody! Another decade of gaming is behind us, and the 2010s look to be an exciting decade for gaming. Overall, 2009 was a great year for games. Not only did 2009 have great sequels like Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2, but it had great new IPs like Infamous and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Despite all the bribes and death threats Cameron and I send developers, they still insist on doing things their way. So today, we  are going over what we would like to see in 2010.

Below are Josh’s 5 things he wants to see in 2010, then Page 2 are the 5 things that Cameron wants to see.

1) I’d like to know what Santa Monica Studios is working on next. Their epic trilogy, God of War, is coming to an end, and I’d like to see them start an all new franchise. I love original games, but not from Santa Monica. I want their next game to be one that can easily be turned into a franchise, like inFamous. Regardless of what they do, I still want to be able to kill tons of dudes.

2) Ubisoft….just take a step back and slow down. You made Assassin’s Creed 2, and it was better than the first, and the third Assassin’s Creed will probably be even better, but Ubisoft needs to rethink the Prince of Persia series. They run the risk of completely ruining the name of that series. They need to be a little more like Media Molecule, and a little bit less like Activision. Just start fresh with a new IP, and let the prince die.

3) Bioware…you have proved that you can work on a a very mainstream game like Mass Effect and a very, for lack of a better word, nerdy, game like Dragon Age and still have both games turn out well. Sure, Dragon Age could have used a lot more polish, but the gameplay was fun and the story was addicting. So, from now on, I want you to continue working on both nerdy games and mainstream games. Also, Borderlands has made the ability to respect an industry standard so make sure its in all your rpgs.

4) Sega, please advertise Yakuza 3 so it sells. You already put it in the worst time-frame possible to come out….and yes, you will be getting petitions when you decide to not release Yakuza 4 in the states.

5) At E3, Rocksteady needs to come out and say, “Hey, that video we released is total BS. The next Batman: Arkham Asylum is going to be original and not just a heartless sequel being rushed out the door”. When i played inFamous, I thought, “I can’t wait for the sequel”. When i played Batman: Arkham Asylum, I thought, “I can’t wait for Rocksteady to create a new original game like this.” Rocksteady should move on to a new superhero. I’d like to see them make a good Thundercats game. They could do it, and the marketing basically sells itself. Thundercats, Ho!

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