Qriocity, Sony’s Newest Service Uses PSN ID to Sign into Other Sony Electronics

A few weeks ago, a trademark filed by Sony was uncovered. Dubbed Qriocity, the title alone piqued our “curiosity”. Originally we speculated it may have been a Qore-like service for the PSP. However, it seems as though Qriocity is Sony’s first attempt at bringing PlayStation Network ID services to other Sony products including network enabled Bravia HDTVs, VAIO PCs, and Sony’s upcoming line of Blu-Ray players.

It turns out that Qriocity is Sony’s upcoming Video on Demand service offered through various Sony electronics such as network-enabled Bravia HDTVs or as the below video shows, Sony’s upcoming Blu-Ray player the BDP-S370. The service, tests your internet connections and gives you a “bandwidth optimized” version of the the movie you are looking to stream, along with many other cools features.

Sony haven’t announced any solid release date plans, but the word from the CES show floor is that the service is set to roll out this February with “hundreds: of titles available at launch. Another interesting point to note, the service will use the PlayStation Network ID system to sign in. Each HDTV, or Blu-Ray player will allow for multiple PSN accounts for different levels of access for different age groups.

Sony have also not yet released any details on pricing, whether or not this will be a subscription-based service, or a pay-per-movie service has yet to be revealed.


Thanks Karissa for the tip!