Good Chance for Bad Company 2 Demo

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be hitting store shelves March 2nd, and for those of you who did not get into the PS3 exclusive beta, it looks like you might still be able to try out the game before its launch.

Over on the Official Battlefield Blog, a post was made regarding the changes being made to the game after the beta feedback, and during that post, an interesting bit of information came out about the possible demo for the game:

Since all of you reading this want us finishing up the game instead of writing blogs I made this short and sweet.  Attached is a change-list of 130 Changes/Fixes .txt I snagged from Alan “Demize99” Kertz USB drive.  One of my favorites is “Added environment specific camouflage to all vehicles.”  Comment your favorite too, we’d love to know what it is.  You can also twitter it to OfficialBFBC2 and again, thank you for all those that had the opportunity to participate, as you can see it was incredibly valuable. See you on the PC Beta (Jan 28th), Console Demo (TBD), and then the real deal Battlefield (Mar 2nd & 5th 2010) that will rock your souls! 😀

This is great news, as not everyone was able to participate in the beta, and this will give all gamers the opportunity to see if the game is worth their hard earned money.  Hopefully, this demo will again let us try out the multiplayer side like the demo for the first game did.  Although there has been no official date set for the console demo yet, we predict a February release.