Toys R’ Us Buy 2 Games, Get $60

Toys R’ Us is not the place where most gamers shop for the latest and hottest video games. For the most part, gamers will hit up their local GameStop, Wal-Mart, or even order from However, right now Toys R Us is running a special promotion on the most recent hot releases, that is sure to have you skipping your normal retailer.

On Tuesday, January 19th only, when you buy two of four select titles, you will receive a $60 gift card back. The four titles are some of the best game in recent weeks. Must be a “Rewards R Us” member to take advantage of this deal. Not a member? Fret not, it’s a quick 2 minute sign-up process at the register. Alternatively you can join the program online so you are ready when you arrive at your local Toys R Us on Tuesday.

Check out the full list below:

Not interested in anything but Dark Void? Buy Dark Void and get a $10 gift card free.

So how many of you will be participating in this deal, and if so which titles will you be picking up?