Last Rebellion Receives Double-Sided Pre-Order Bonus

One gripe about the Playstation 3 has been its lack of RPGs. Publisher NIS America and developer Hit Maker are looking to remedy the problem this year with the release of Last Rebellion, their PS3-exclusive turn-based RPG, which is due to hit next month. A pre-order bonus has been announced, those who are interested in the game  might want to throw down $5 for it.

Your $5 reserve will reward you with a 21”x26” DOUBLE-Sided poster (seen above) of the game starring the two main characters, Nine Asfel and Aisha Romanide, holding hands one one-side, with another side yet to be revealed.

For those of you who are unaware of the game or want to know more about it, we encourage you to visit the games’s official website, which features all the information you  need to know about the game’s storylines, characters, battle systems, and more.

With White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, Star Ocean: The Last Hope-International Edition, and now The Last Rebellion all hitting in Feburary, RPG fans should have plenty to hold them over until Final Fantasy XIII hits on March 9th.