New Characters Abound for Star Ocean: The Last Hope International


After spending many years strictly on the PlayStation band wagon, Star Ocean: The Last Hope threw a wrench in that streak by releasing exclusively to the Xbox 360.  Well like most RPGs as of late, the game has been announced for the PS3 and like the rest, it will have added features not found in the 360 version.

Most of these features have already been revealed, with new character portraits and the original Japanese audio.  However in the recent Square Enix European newsletter, it slipped that the game would also feature new characters not found in the original version.  No clue who the new characters are and how much they will play a part in the game but this is great news for people interested in picking up the game when it drops on February 9th in the states and February 12th in Europe.


So who all is picking up this game when it hits next year?