Kratos To Entertain You For Over 10 Hours

Possibly the most anticipated PS3 game of all time, God Of War III gives us chills whenever some screens or news regarding the exclusive pop up. Kratos hopes to maintain that feeling with the news that God Of War 3 will keep you going for over 10 hours.

At a recent event in New York City, Director of Product Development John Hight spoke to MTV regarding how long Kratos’s quest will be. Hight says that even for a really hardcore player, the game will take over 10 hours to play through.

Hight commented:

We’ve done a lot of play testing on it. We know, for a really hardcore player, it’ll take them longer than it took them to play either of the previous “God of War” games. Ten is longer, but ten might not be considerably longer! [laughs]. It’s more than 10 hours.

This is quite a leap from previous installments in the God Of War series, which were around 6-8 hours long.

God Of War III will be released worldwide in March. GameStop has revealed that the exclusive will receive a March 16 US street date release.