Heavy Rain Goes Gold, US Will Receive Demo

Sony has confirmed that Quantic Dream‘s title has now gone gold and is off to manufacturing. The psychological thriller will also make it to North America a bit earlier than its release with a confirmed demo.

A demo for Heavy Rain will be released in North America on the same date as the European PlayStation Store will get it, February 11. The US PS blog wrote:

It’s official! Heavy Rain has now gone gold in North America and is off to manufacturing.

In addition, we are also confirming that the Heavy Rain demo will be available in North America on Thursday, February 11, 2010 (mark it on your calendar) for download from the PlayStation Store. The demo will allow players to play two chapters from Heavy Rain, featuring Norman Jayden, an FBI agent brought in to help local authorities track down the Origami Killer, and Scott Shelby, a private detective hired by the families of past victims of the Origami Killer to find the serial killer.

A new trailer was released yesterday showcasing the exclusives potential. Check it out if you haven’t already.

The Origami Killer will be arriving on February 23 in the US, and February 26 in the UK.