White Knight Chronicles Invades LBP & More

After years of waiting, Level 5’s newest RPG spectacular, White Knight Chronicles: International finally hits next Tuesday, February 2nd. A major amount of media has been released and we have every juicy detail for you.

Where to start? Ok, let’s start with the first of  ‘several’ dynamic themes that Sony has planned for White Knight Chronicles. The first, shown below, will hit the PSN next Thursday for the standard price of $2.99.

Fear The White Knight!

Next we have Trophy and PlayStation Home support. We all knew the title would feature trophies, as Sony made it mandatory after January 2009. We reported about the Home content last year, but Sony went one step further and clarified the content. By having a save on your system, you’ll receive a Free White Knight Figurine for your Home Space. There’s more though! If you unlock a ‘certain’ trophy during the game..you will receive this snazzy White Knight Suit of Armor for your Home Avatar! Only one problem…the rumored Trophy is the Platinum Trophy. Oh. Good luck with that!

Good news for LittleBigPlanet fans, White Knight Chronicles is invading Media Molecule’s Play, create, share title!!! Starting on February 25th, you will be able to purchase and download a WKC pack consisting of Leonard, the White Knight, The Black Knight,and the Dragon Knight. The character pack will also come with a sticker pack to help give your user-created levels more variety.

Cutest. Knights. Ever.

For those looking to gain an edge, you could always purchase the BradyGames Strategy guide. Nice.

Things look to be shaping us nicely for the US release of WKC: International Edition. For those who are picking up the title next week, hit us up with your PSN ID so we can do some Online White Knightin’ together.

Look for our White Knight Chronicles review soon.