Dead Space Extraction May Be Scaring Up the PSN

February 11, 2010Written by Max Murray

Many of us are familiar with Visceral Games’ popular “Space-Bioshock” hit Dead Space, but not all of us had the chance to experience the back story of the U.S.G. Ishimura’s transformation from a planetary mining vessel into a Necromorph-Necropolis. New information about Dead Space Extraction could mean that a larger number of gamers see the prequel…

Visceral Games’ Dead Space Extraction, released on the Wii back in September to good reviews but slow reception with gaming audiences. With the inevitable release of, and the hype growing over the Playstation Arc, Visceral is reportedly thinking of extending Extraction to the PSN. A survey released by EA sent to Kotaku detailed that any version of the “horror rail-shooter” that made it’s way to the PSN would contain the same first-person, guided immersion as the Wii title, and be upgraded to full HD. A proposed price tag of $15 was also mentioned.

With Extraction receiving such high scores, including an 82% on Metacritic, but not the sales that Visceral hoped for, it’s safe to assume that the market for the game is there, just untapped because of the Wii’s casual/family oriented gaming. Visceral games took a gamble introducing such an outlier into the mix of the normal Wii library, and sadly it showed with just over 9,200 units sold during the first five days.

Even with EA’s Peter Moore speaking on behalf of creating titles to utilize the Arc, file this one under rumor until we hear more from EA, and stick to Playstation Lifestyle to keep you updated.

But in the meantime, how about a little hypothetical- Would you pick this up if it showed on PSN?