Dead Space 2 Pre-Orders are Alive and Kicking

Dead Space threw the world of Survival Horror video games on its proverbial head when released in 2008. It ‘revolutionized’ the genre with the ability to actually move when you fired your weapons (looking at you, Resident Evil). EA and Visceral Games recently announced Dead Space 2, and the world’s largest online retailer now has it available for pre-order.

For the discounted price of $56.99, you can now pre-order Dead Space 2. No type of pre-order bonus has been revealed yet, but if you want to ensure that you’ll get your copy, then is the way to go.

EA has yet to give a release date for Dead Space 2 besides ‘Fiscal Year 2011,’ which ends on March 31st, 2011, the place-holder date on Amazon’s listing as well. Once we get a more concrete date, we’ll be sure to let you Dead Spacers know all about it.