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EA CEO Andrew Wilson Wants to Establish a “Player-First Culture” Within the Company

Is EA doing this right now?

bf hardline 2

EA CEO: The Highest Reviewed Games Get the Balance of Innovation & Polish Right

That’s why they decided to delay Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield: Hardline.


EA: New Phones “On Par” With PS4 and Xbox One

Apple Watch could be the “future gaming platforms,” states Frank Gibeau.


FIFA 15 Lead Producer Addresses Lack of Women’s Teams

Maybe next year?


Visceral Games: We’re Really Pushing for Player Choice in Battlefield Hardline

Visceral wants to give players the tools it needs in how it wants to tackle campaign objectives.


NBA Live 15 Release Date Delayed

‘Tis the season of delays!


Battlefield 4 Final Stand Expansion Pack Revealed in New Trailer

Hover tank!


NHL 15 PS4, Xbox One Post-Launch Content Updates Detailed

Playoff Mode, Online Team Play, and more are coming soon.


Battlefield Hardline Max Level to be at 150, Confirms Visceral Games

Details on the first expansion is expected in January 2015, too.

tiny titan

EA Encourages Players to Enjoy the Madden NFL 15 Tiny Titan Glitch While it Lasts

Christian Kirksey finds it funny, too.


FIFA 15 Gameplay Video Shows Off What the Goalkeepers Can Do

Featuring Tim Howard!


Peter Moore: EA Access Program is “Something Companies Do When We Think About the Future”

Could EA be on to something?


EA Calls NBA Live 15 a “Different Game,” Releases Visuals Trailer

All the footage is in-game.


EA & Rockstar PlayStation Store Sales Start Today in North America (Update)

Get the Mass Effect Trilogy for $14.


EA Opens Madden NFL 15 Help Page to Tackle Numerous User Complaints

EA tackling numerous problems.


User Stats Reveal Battlefield 4 Now More Popular on PS4 Than PC

64-players now available on PS4 surely helped.

bf hardline 2

Visceral Games Boss Says It’s “Cool” If People Think Battlefield Hardline is Not a True Battlefield Game

Do YOU think Hardline plays like a real Battlefield game?


Madden NFL 15 Review – Another Year, Another Madden (PS4)

Wait, defense is fun now?

PvZ Garden Warfare Review Header

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Review – Weed Free (PS4)

So many plant puns I want to do…


Dead Space Franchise “Not Dead,” Claims Visceral Games

Visceral “loves” the franchise.