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Titanfall 2 Goes Gold, Gets a Single-Player Cinematic Trailer

There won’t be a massive day one patch.


Titanfall 2 Level Cap Revealed, Titan Ejection Height to Be the Same as TF1

Lots of info on regeneration!


Battlefield 1 Gets a Single Player Trailer, War Stories Detailed

You’ll be playing as multiple characters in Battlefield 1.

FIFA 17 trophies - women's teams

FIFA 17 Trophies Revealed

Women’s team play is required, haters.


Madden NFL 17 Tuning Update Rolls Out, Changes Listed

Lots of things reduced!


Doom, Star Wars Battlefront Hosting Double XP Weekends

And Battleborn is offering 4XP until the end of today.

FIFA teams Iceland

Iceland Not Included in FIFA 17 Due to Dispute Over Money

That’s just cold.


Attrition Mode Confirmed for Titanfall 2, See It in Action

Respawn also brings out some Pilots gameplay.

Battlefield 1 555x328

DICE Details Battlefield 1 Melee Weapons and the Differences

Three weapon types.


Respawn Speaks Out on People Treating Titanfall 2 Tech Test as the Final Game

“It’s an ignorant comment, unfortunately.”

Battlefield 1 maps

Full List of Battlefield 1 Maps and Modes Available Upon Release Revealed

Six modes. Nine maps.


Star Wars Battlefront Update Today Adds Death Star Support, Balances Heroes

Watch yesterday’s stream featuring gameplay.


DICE Is Making Changes to Battlefield 1’s Conquest Mode, Vehicles Following Beta Feedback

Unofficial video highlights some of the glitches from the beta.

Titanfall 2 555x328 11

Respawn: Some Titanfall 2 Maps “Are Very Heavily Focused in Chaining Wall Runs Together”

“It’s in an effort to create a group of maps where you’re not always doing the exact same thing.”


Star Wars Battlefront Death Star Expansion Gets a September 20 Release Date, Gameplay Trailer

New mode takes your fighters to space!

Titanfall 2 02 555x328

Respawn Heavily Hints at Attrition Mode Coming Back to Titanfall 2

You might like what you read…


PSA: Battlefield 4 All Expansions Given Away for Free for a Limited Time

You get free BF4 DLC! You get free BF4 DLC! Everyone gets free BF4 DLC!


Battlefield 1 Open Beta Drew 13.2 Million Players, The Light Tank Will Be Addressed

All of Battlefield 4’s expansions are free right now.