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Report: EA’s E3 2014 Press Conference Takes Place on June 9th

E3 2014 is two months away!


EA-Themed Flash Sale Hits the North American PlayStation Store, Ends March 31st

Only applies to the PS3 versions of games.


EA Loses to Time Warner Cable in the ‘Worst Company in America’ Poll

They won’t three-peat for the Golden Poo.

Star Wars

EA CEO Wants To Approach Star Wars Games Like the Arkham Franchise

Star Wars: Tatooine Asylum

Peter Moore

EA’s Peter Moore Believes the PS4 & Xbox One Will Sell Over 10 Million Units Combined by March 31st

He also expects Sony and Microsoft to support the PS3 and Xbox 360 for at least “the next 2 years.”


EA: 35% of all PS4 & Xbox One Games Sold in the West During Q3 FY14 Were EA Titles

FIFA 14 was the #1 selling game in Europe during December.


EA CEO Believes They “Reached the Level of Quality” at PS4/Xbox One Launch They Didn’t Get Through Last Time Around

Their teams are looking at investing in new innovations for the future.


Digital Prices on PS4 Games in the UK PlayStation Store Lowered to Match Xbox One Digital Prices

EA and Ubisoft made the right call.


EA Estimates 1 in Every 3 PS4 Games Sold was From Them



Battlefield 4 Review (PS3)

REEEEEE KepsSLLOSOSAHHSsshsaaaa BOOOOOM Crack Ratatatata


Andrew Wilson Hired as New CEO of EA: “I Envision EA as the World’s Greatest Games Company”

He’s movin’ on up.


Madden NFL 25 Review (PS3)

Mad, hen.