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Titanfall 2 Day One Update Will Be Super Tiny, Respawn Lists 10 Reasons Why It’s Different

Now that’s how it should be!


Titanfall 2 Best Titan Guide

Watch and learn.

Killing Elites Featured

Quick Tips – Battlefield 1: Quickly Killing Elite Classes

Kill ’em dead.

Battlefield Emblems Featured

Quick Tips – Battlefield 1 Emblems: Creating & Equipping Custom Designs

Customize your flair!

War Pigeons Battlefield Quick Tip Featured

Quick Tips – Battlefield 1: How to Dominate in War Pigeons

Chase those pigeons down!


Titanfall 2 – Complete List of Guns, Classes, Equipment, Grenades & Kits

Here’s what you’ll be using for death and domination come launch!

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Battlefield 1 Update 1.01 Includes Stability & Performance Improvements

Should be around 2.4GB.


Respawn: Titanfall Universe “Very Expandable,” Talks About Star Wars Game Pitch to EA

Don’t expect Titanfall 1 on PS4…ever!

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Battlefield 1 Player Count Reportedly Nearing 100k on PS4, Server Rental Prices Revealed

Before official launch, Xbox One is leading the way in player count.

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Battlefield App Out Now, Lets You Customize Your Loadouts

You can customize your loadout on your phone.


Titanfall 2 Trailer Introduces the Protagonists, Jack & BT

A Titan and his friend.

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FIFA 17 Update 1.02 Is Live on PS4 & Xbox One, Addresses Frame-Rate Issues & More

You may notice a lower OVR after installing the update.

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Battlefield 1 Review – Out With the New, In With the Old (PS4)

A blast to the past.


Video Game Voice Actor Strike Set to Begin on Friday, October 21 If No Deal Is Met

Activision, EA, Insomniac, Take-Two, Warner Bros and more would be affected.

Battlefield 1 maps

Battlefield 1 – Everything You Need to Know

Prepare to hit the trenches.

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Battlefield 1 Review Embargo Lifts Ahead of the Early Enlister Edition

You get to play as a pigeon in the campaign.

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Battlefield 1 Operations Game Mode Guide – What You Need to Know About the New Mode

This might be your new fave mode in Battlefield!