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Everything Wrong With Star Wars Battlefront

Four maps for your main mode? Seriously?


Need for Speed Update 1.03 Today Adds New Trophies, Fixes AI Rubber Banding & More

Get it on PS4 and Xbox One.


Star Wars Battlefront Getting More Free Maps in the Future, Sees Biggest Digital Launch in EA History

It saw the biggest launch in Star Wars history as well.


Star Wars Battlefront Adds 40-Player Turning Point Mode With Battle of Jakku DLC

Battle of Jakku is just one week away for those who pre-ordered.


Top 5 Star Wars Battlefront Walker Assault Tweaks That DICE Needs to Do

Yep, that Endor map is in there.


NBA Live 16 Update 1.04 Today Adds New Pro-Am Court, Fixes Lots of Bugs

Check out all the patch notes.


Star Wars Battlefront Glitch Grants Invincibility

So that’s why a lot of ships are crashing…


EA Calls Star Wars Battlefront DLC Battle of Jakku “The First Free DLC”



Singer Claims EA Offered Him Money to Promote Star Wars Battlefront, Labels Shooter “A Piece of Sh**”

“They wanted to pay me to post that I like this piece of sh*t game.”


Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Passes 8 Million Players, Everyone Gets 80,000 Free Coins

Reminder: Almost all of your unlocked characters transfer to the sequel.


Uncharted’s Amy Hennig and Assassin’s Creed Co-Creator Jade Raymond Talk Game Narratives

Difference between Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2 was more narrative.


EA Offers Workarounds for Common Star Wars Battlefront Issues

Learn about the current known issues.


Star Wars Battlefront on PS4 Has More Online Players Than PC and Xbox One Combined

Daily peak of over 187,000 on Sony’s console.


Madden NFL 16 Is Free to Download and Play This Weekend on PS4 & Xbox One

Your progress will carry over to the full game if you buy it.


EA Concedes There is Room for Improvement With Company’s Acquisition History

Mythic, Bullfrog, Origin, Pandemic, Black Box, and Maxis Emeryville all mentioned.


Battlefield and Battlefront Could Work as eSports Games, According to EA

“We don’t think esports per se is a way to make money.”

ps4 vs xbox one

EA CFO Expects 51 Million PS4 & Xbox Ones Sold by End of 2015, Wonders What the Next Console Will Be

He thinks Google or Apple might want to go after gaming.


EA Says It Has No Intent To “Nickle and Dime” Consumers With Microtransactions

Wary of causing consumer fatigue.


EA Wary About Virtual Reality Until the Market Is Big Enough, Compares It to PS Vita

They don’t make Vita games because the market is too small.