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Star Wars Battlefront Screen

Star Wars Battlefront Doesn’t Borrow a “Single System” From Battlefield, Says DICE

Both games are as “far apart” as they can be.


PAX Prime 2015: Star Wars Battlefront Hands-On Preview – Survival Mode

Blasting Stormtroopers.


Battlefield 4 Night Operations Release Date Revealed

Will come included with the Summer Patch.

Hardline 2

Battlefield Hardline Free Update Pack Weapons and Gadgets Detailed

That’s a lot of weapons.


EA Reveals Concept Art for the Star Wars Battlefront Battle of Jakku DLC

DLC includes two maps.

Madden NFL 16 Screenshot

Madden NFL 16 First Patch Details Released

Should be coming out fairly soon.

star wars ps4 bundle

Star Wars Battlefont Won’t Have Special Edition Xbox Bundle According to EA

Other questions about ranking up, Collector’s Editions and more answered.


FIFA 16 Demo Releasing on PS4 and PS3 in Early September, Complete With FUT Draft & More

Includes some Women’s National Teams.


Madden NFL 16 Gets a Crazy Trailer to Promote Launch Next Week

Starring Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.


NHL 16 PS4 Bundle Launches in Canada on September 15 for $450

Featuring a Patrick Kane-less box art, Sony has announced that an NHLRead the full article…


Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC New Weapons, Gadgets and Vehicles Revealed

There’s throwing knives!


Battlefield 4 Night Operations Map Shown Off in New Cinematic Trailer

Definitely worth a watch.


Need for Speed Partial Car List Revealed

Not the full list, as expected.


PlayStation Store Sale Highlights – August 18-25 2015

A dash of parkour, a dollop of stealth, and a smidgen of vigilantism.

star wars ps4 bundle

Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Bundles Announced, Come With “Darth Vader-Inspired” Systems

Pre-orders starting soon.


Decision to Remove Guns From Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Was Made at the Start of Development

Guns broke the flow in the first game.


Need for Speed gamescom 2015 Demo Videos Showcase Customization and Gameplay

Porsche 911 Nissan 180sx customization.


Shape Your Legacy With NHL 16’s Be a Pro Mode

Comes with off-ice and on-ice training.

NBA Live 16

Two New NBA Live 16 Gameplay Modes Can Be Tried for Free Next Month

And the Mobile Companion App comes out next month.


Battlefield Hardline Legendary Status Announced

You need to own the Battlefield Hardline: Robbery expansion to be able to access it, though.