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Battlefield Insiders Get One Day Early Access to Battlefield 1 Beta, Theme Music Released

Disappointed or surprised?


Titanfall 2 Interview With Respawn: Single-Player, Multiplayer and Welcoming the PS4 Players

Read all about Titanfall 2 here!


Titanfall 2 Networks Won’t Be Reset After Test Respawn Confirms, Join the PlayStation LifeStyle Network Now

PlayStation LifeStyle Network is one of the most populated on PS4!


Battlefield 1 Open Beta: DICE Isn’t Saying When It’ll End, Download Size May Be 6GB

But it may only last for one week.

Titanfall 2 555x328 08

Respawn: Titanfall 2 Single-Player Content Should “Help” Keep Player Base Higher Than Before

There is some truth to it.

Respawn Outlines Upcoming Titanfall 2 Changes Based on Test Feedback

Faster Pilot movement, Titan meter is (kinda) back!


Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Includes Access to 16 Multiplayer Maps, French Army & Russian Empire

The first of four expansions arrives in March.

Battlefield 1 map sinai desert

Battlefield 1 Sinai Desert Map Details

Horses. Trains. Sand. What more could you want?

Respawn Talks About Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Test Weeked One Tech Success

Confirms the build we played was from June.

Top 5 Titanfall Improvements Respawn Needs to Make Featured

Top 5 Titanfall 2 Improvements Respawn Needs to Make Based on the Tech Test

Hope some of these are implemented in the final release!

PlayStation 4 Neo

EA Exec Says the Upgradable Approach With PlayStation 4 Neo Lets Them Bring More to the Players

EA has spirit for the PS4 Neo, yes they do. They have spirit, how about you?

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Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Test Impressions – Mech Rodeo

Prepare for Titanfall!


Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Test Level Cap to Be Increased Next Week, New Map & Weapons Included

Hopefully, new classes and Titans as well.


Battlefield 4 and Hardline 4XP Event Starts Now and Will Let You Rank Up Like Mad

Four times the chaos?!

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Respawn: Adding Titanfall 2 Single-Player Component Was a “Pretty Easy Decision”

“Something to sink their teeth into.”


The Titanfall 2 Open Multiplayer Technical Test Is Live on PS4 & Xbox One

You’ll find PlayStation Store and Xbox Store links inside.

Peter Moore video game press conferences

EA’s Peter Moore Doesn’t Think There Will Be Video Game Press Conferences Much Longer

It’s going that direction, that’s for sure.

Titanfall 2 555x328 10

Titanfall 2 Targeting 60fps, Analysis Says Pre-Alpha PS4 Version Is 900p

Pre-alpha frame-rate can drop to the 30s.