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battlefield 5 open beta

Battlefield V’s Open Beta Begins in September 2018

Experience Tides of War, Conquest, and Grand Operations.

battlefield v trailer breakdown

Battlefield Writer Breaks Down Battlefield V Trailer

Battle Royale has never been so scary-looking.

battlefield v trailer

Battlefield V Devastation of Rotterdam Trailer Released for gamescom 2018

I’m sad about the sunflowers, honestly.

japanese stocks down

Japanese Game Company Stocks Dip Amid Chinese Gaming Market Freeze

When things stop moving, the numbers take a big hit.

battlefield v trailer

Watch Out, EA Has Announced the Next Battlefield V Trailer

Prepare for a devastating trailer.

patrick soderlund leaving ea

Patrick Söderlund is Leaving EA

Looking forward to seeing where he shows up next!

Star Wars Battlefront II Update

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Patch Brings Back Favorites and Rebalances Game

The return of lightning hands and cuties with spears.

madden 19 championship

ESPN Telecasting Madden 19 Championship Series

The belt is on the line once again, on the biggest stage yet.

FIFA 19 Preview

FIFA 19 Kick Off and Ultimate Team Preview (PS4) – Ballin’ Out

Son of a pitch!

def jam sequel

Could a New Def Jam Sequel Be in the Works?

Such cruel, cruel teasing.

Anthem PAX panel

BioWare Announces PAX West 2018 Panel for Anthem

BioWare plans to address various concerns about Anthem.

anthem map size

Anthem’s Map Size Confirmed by BioWare Developer

And there’s still so much left to see.

EA Q1 Financial Results FIFA and The Sims 4 Sales

EA Q1 2019 Financial Results Show Rise in FIFA Sales and The Sims 4

Build a house and plays some soccer, makes perfect sense.

bioware anthem

EA ‘Pleased’ With Excitement Surrounding Anthem, Says Community Showing ‘Great Interest’

Recent demo sessions were “packed.”

battlefield 5 grand operations

DICE Clarifies Confusion Surrounding Battlefield V Grand Operations’ Availability at Launch

It’ll be available as part of Tides of War.

EA Battlefield V

EA’s Battlefield V Could Support Cross-Platform Play

Too bad PlayStation is so isolated.

A Way Out Game

EA’s A Way Out Game Surpasses 2 Million Players

That’s a lot of co-op partners.

Battlefield V Game

EA Executive Expects Battlefield V to Have ‘Long-Term Service Plan’

Another live service product.

industrial toys new game

Bungie Co-Founder’s New Game Teased by EA

EA’s Blake Jorgensen says Industrial Toys’ next title is “innovative.”

bioware studio closing

Former BioWare Dev Says Anthem’s Failure Wouldn’t Shutter the Studio

BioWare consistently makes the games it wants to make.