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Titanfall 2 Stats Shown in Infograph, Over 114 Million Titans Dropped & More

Expected results.


Titanfall 2 Free Multiplayer Trial Weekend Is Live on PS4

It looks to be a big download.

Peter Moore video game press conferences

EA’s Peter Moore Isn’t Worried About Retail Sales

Interesting points from Peter Moore.


EA: No New Battlefield Game in 2017, Star Wars Battlefront Sequel to Be “Much Bigger”

Expect Battlefront 2 to draw from content in the new movies.

Madden NFL 17 01 555x328

Madden NFL 17 Update #7 on PS4 & Xbox One Is 2.4GB, Fixes Gameplay Issues

Also adds Head-to-Head Seasons to Madden Ultimate Team and more.

Battlefield 1 08 555x328

Battlefield 1 Fall Update Made No PS4 Pro-Specific Changes, According to DICE

Investigation into performance issues is ongoing.

Titanfall 2 555x328 10

Titanfall 2 Free Multiplayer Weekend Starts on December 2 for PS4

Angel City gameplay trailer shows off the new map coming this week.

Mass Effect Andromeda Gamescom

More Mass Effect: Andromeda Single-Player Details Given, Four Squadmates Known, Frostbite Engine Enhancements and More

Liam, Cora, Peebee and Drack have got your back!


Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Details Revealed, “Prestige XP” and More

Microtransactions are in.


FIFA 17 Free Trial Weekend on PS4 & Xbox One Starts Tomorrow, November 24

Your Journey progress will transfer over to the full game.


First Free Titanfall 2 DLC Drop Arrives on November 30

New map, in-game store, new kits, and more on the way!


Titanfall 2 “Encore” Trailer Boasts the Game’s Accolades

Yep, those are high scores.


Star Wars Battlefront Gets Rogue One: Scarif DLC, PSVR Mission on December 6

4XP weekend and DLC trial start today.


Respawn on Titanfall 3: “We Don’t Know Yet” If We’re Going to Make It

Titanfall 2 “is, critically, a huge success.”


Report: Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Is Much Smoother on PS4 Pro, Update Brought Downgrades

47% frame-rate increase reported on PS4 Pro at times.

FIFA 17 05 555x328

FIFA 17 Update 1.03 Is Live on PS4 & Xbox One, Fixes Frame-Rate Issue & More

See how the PS4 version compares to the PS4 Pro version.

Battlefield 1 555x328

Battlefield 1 Update 1.04 Today on PS4, Xbox One & PC Brings Tons of Changes

We’ve got all of the patch notes.


Mass Effect Andromeda New Alien Race the “Kett” Revealed

They look kinda nasty.

Battlefield 1 03 555x328

Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 Sale at Target Lets You Get Each for $35

Good deals for great games.