Kratos to Take on Hercules in God of War III

February 12, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Fans of the God of War series have always wondered, Will half-brothers Kratos and Hercules ever get the chance to battle one another? Stig Asmussen, Director of  God of War III has confirmed what everyone has been wondering: You will indeed be able to kick Hercules’ whiny ass all over Mount Olympus in God of War III.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK Edition, Stig spoke about how the long-requested battle will be different than what you will be expecting.

Setting up the personality between Kratos and Hercules-like, Hercules is the jilted brother who feels the gods have abandoned him and made Kratos the star. It’s completely away from how you’d expect Hercules to be. And the same is true for any of our fights.

It’s even rumored that the way you acquire the Cestus gloves is by beating Hercules. Sweetness!

The only bad news? Stig wouldn’t confirm nor deny if the Nutty Professor’s Mom will be there to cheer on Hercules or not. Just skip to 2:53 and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Unless the world ends between now and March, God of War III lands on March 16th. Make sure you don’t miss it…or you just might have Kratos on your doorstep wondering why you didn’t buy his game.