Add ‘Velocity’ to Split/Second

February 25, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Disney Interactive and Black Rock Studios are bringing us a new arcade racer which is looking to change the way we play the genre. With its exhilarating top speeds and top of the range car choices, Split/Second is a perfect way to rev up the new decade. Actually, make that Split/Second: Velocity.

The game’s name has been not so much changed as it has been added to: from Split/Second to Split/Second: Velocity. The reason for the addition of ‘Velocity’ has not been verified yet by the developers, but the city which you will be cruising around within the game is named “Velo,” so this may be a factor in the name change.

The team who brought us the entertaining 4-wheeler Pure, Black Rock Studio, has also confirmed the release date of the game. Split/Second: Velocity will be racing to the United Kingdom on May 21st. North America can expect it around the same time frame.

Check out these screenshots for the slick-looking arcade racer. Does it look like a worthy contender to Burnout Paradise? Let us know in the comments below!