God of War Still May Host Multiplayer

The God of War saga is known for Kratos’ battle with the Greek gods of Olympus. His journey has always been a solitary one.  After much speculation about God of War III being developed with a multiplayer component, all rumors and conjecture turned out to be false. Fans and pundits alike questioned if co-op would work well with the PlayStation 3 exclusive. Interestingly enough recent comments from one of the game’s directors indicates God of War multiplayer may still be in the cards.

Sony’s recent God of War III event in Hollywood left members of the press astonished after playing Sony Santa Monica’s latest. Some of the development team behind the PS3 exclusive were at the press event.

John Hight, God of War III’s director of product development was amongst them. In an interview with Joystiq, John reveals the developers did consider multiplayer for God of War III. They may still offer some sort of multiplayer component for the long-running franchise eventually. When asked his opinion about the God of War III multiplayer, Hight replied:

Yeah. It was never considered, from day one. I think that there was some confusion, because I also oversee Lightbox Interactive, which did Warhawk. And last summer we were interviewing for some online engineers. So it said, “From the people who brought you God of War.” So I think some blurb people got that and starting saying, “Oh, it looks like they are hiring online … there is going to be multiplayer in God of War.” No. We never planned on it, because, you know, this is the story of one guy, Kratos, and his beef with the gods. And we didn’t want to trivialize that. We didn’t want to send the wrong message to our fans that somehow we were turning the game into something that it wasn’t. We are excited about it. I love multiplayer games. We all do. And I am sure that we are going to offer something in that space.

Since Hight is sure to point out that Kratos’ story is about one guy only, he is likely referring to a future God of War title.

Do you think a multiplayer could work with a future God of War game?