Kratos May Get Co-Op Backup in God of War III [Update]


For God of War fans, God of War III represents the penultimate experience of the series.  On Tuesday we will all get a chance to re-experience God of War I and II with the Collection in glorious 720p. On the eve of this release some more information has surface that lends some credence to the never ending parade of Co-Op Rumors.

The Gamer Access website recently did some investigating on Sony’s Retail Loyalty website. This site is designed with keeping Sony’s retail channels up to date and informed about Sony products. Within the sites information about God of War III appears to reveal a Co-Op function for the much sought after title.


PlayStation LifeStyle will be looking into this as well and keep you abreast of any updates. In the mean time do you think Co-Op will work in a God of War game?


We have received confirmation via our own channels.  The images are below.

gow3-online-coop-question gow3-online-coop-results

Some internet speculation indicates Hercules is a prime canidate for the Co-Op partner.  While not predominantly featured in the God of War saga, a Hercules playable character (skin) is available in God of War II when you defeat Titan Mode.